Everything we do — every decision an agent makes — is infused with intelligence.

We don’t simply place boots on the ground nearly anywhere and anytime. Mayhem Solutions Group incorporates actionable intelligence into every aspect of our service offerings. As a result, we deliver increased protection to our clients’ personnel, operations and assets. We call this combination of capable people and tailored information Protective Intelligence.


Because of our multi-disciplinary expertise and holistic approach to intelligence, only Mayhem Solutions Group provides the ability to:

  • Aggregates comprehensive information from our exclusive global network of resources.

  • Sifts through vast amounts of data and unstructured information, providing you with uniquely focused situational awareness.

  • Applies the synthesis and analysis methodologies needed to properly prepare for, and effectively respond to, rapidly changing global conditions.

Our Intelligence Services are overseen by Mayhem Solutions Group, comprised of highly-experienced and trained individuals with backgrounds in civilian and military intelligence, as well as traditional security fields. Mayhem Solutions Group now offers you the same protective intelligence support previously reserved for operational field agents. We offer service for:

  • Protective Intelligence 

  • Global Threat Assessments and Vulnerability 

  • Counter Terrorism Investigations

  • Counter Intelligence 

  • Risk Assessments

  • In Country Threat Assessments

  • Risk Mitigation 

  • Crisis Mitigation 

  • Counter Drug Operations/Intelligence

  • Global Intelligence Reporting, Analysis and Consulting

  • Global Incident Reporting 

  • Threat Monitoring

  • Technical Surveillance Countermeasures Service (TSCM) (De-Bugging)

  • GPS Tracking and Monitoring Solutions

  • Surveillance/Counter surveillance

  • Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)/Drone Operations

  • Counter Business Espionage

  • Kidnap Ransom Negotiations

  • Translation and Interpretation Services

  • Cyber Security/Pen testing

  • Red Cell Operations

Licensed. Bonded. Accredited.

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DUNS# 080435278


NAICS CODES: 591930, 561611, 561612, 561613, 561990, 611699, 624230