Shawn C. Wilson

Founder and CEO of Mayhem Solutions Group


Shawn C. Wilson draws from over 28 years of experience in the Global Security community. He has completed extensive training in executive protection and investigative operations. His multi layered skill set derives from many educational arenas, including the United States Army, Law Enforcement as a Police Officer and, Public Safety as a Firefighter and Medic in the Washington DC area , and Corporate and Private Security worldwide. He has Certificates and Degrees from the US Army, Homeland Security, University of Maryland, American Military University and The Commonwealth Criminal Justice Academy in the areas of Intelligence, Fire Sciences, Law Enforcement and Security, and Medical.

In addition, Mr. Wilson has a proven track record in supervising successful protection operations worldwide. Over the course of his career in the security field, he has exhibited superior leadership and management skills by providing protection for numerous Government officials, Diplomats, celebrities, high net worth persons and families, and foreign dignitaries.  While under contract with various security firms around the world, Mr. Wilson personally executed special response teams to react to threats, kidnap and ransom situations, strikes, civil disturbances, and natural disaster circumstances. 

Shawn’s objective is to provide a level of professionalism that is conveyed through his operational abilities but also respond effectively to every nuance of interaction with civilian, military, and law enforcement personnel alike. In doing so, he can blend and integrate in every arena and thoroughly complete every assignment with which he has been entrusted.

Based on his extensive experience in the high-profile protection arena, he is equipped to address multilevel security needs, acting as a lone protector as well as an operational supervisor. He bases his personal philosophy upon a foundation of professionalism, reliability, experience, and hard work.

As the Founder and CEO of Mayhem Solutions Group, he has designed and implemented the same standards in his staff, surrounding himself with highly skilled and experienced personnel who are eager to join in his vision. He has thus been successful in upholding core values of Integrity, Reliability, and Accountability.

Roger McGrew  

Senior Director of Operations California


Between his military, law enforcement and private sector service Roger has over 30 years of protection and investigative experience. He proudly served 11 years in the U.S. Army and National Guard, specializing in surveillance and small unit tactics (reconnaissance and intelligence) achieving the rank of SGT E-5. Throughout his law enforcement career, Roger worked various assignments in corrections, patrol and specialized, eventually earning a position on the coveted ‘Gang Detail’. Where he was also assigned to numerous ‘protective security details’ responsible for the safety and well-being of visiting VIP’s, dignitaries and high profile Olympic athlete’s living/training in the local jurisdiction. Roger spent several years as an investigator for attorneys representing law enforcement personnel both sworn and non-sworn for a highly respected firm, eventually earning the title of ‘senior investigator’. He is also a member of an elite team specializing in counter human trafficking, international child abductions and corporate security worldwide with emphasis in Mexico, Central and South America.

Michael A. Blair Sr.

Tucson Director of Operations 


Mike has over 30 years of experience in Military, Law Enforcement and corporate Security fields and is a subject matter expert (SME) on various areas of expertise.

Military U S Army Active and Reserve. 18 Years Rank SFC

Infantry, Airborne, Special Operations (Special Forces) Weapons Sergeant, Special Operations Training:, Air Assault & Water insertion., Cross, Trained Explosives and Intelligence., Jungle & Desert Warfare., SERE (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape)., Host Nation Tactical Unit Training., Jump Master., Intelligence Analyst  & Interrogation.

Combat Assignments:

7th SFG Panama Just Cause.

5th SFG Desert Storm & Liberation of Kuwait.

Non-Combat Assignments:

7th SFG Central America Tactical Small Unit Training & Operations

7th SFG Panama post Just Cause rebuilding and training of Panama Defense Force.

JTF 6 Drug interdiction 

5th SFG Post Desert Storm Kuwait Rebuild and Train Emiri Guard defense force.


Law Enforcement: Pima County Sheriff Department Tucson Arizona. 

Deputy Sheriff

Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Entry Team

Hazardous Devices Technician (Bomb Tech) FBI & ATF trained and Qualified

Weapons of Mass destruction FBI, DOE & ATF

Diplomatic Protection Training State Department.

FBI SWAT Counter terrorist course Aircraft, Anti Sniper & Hostage rescue.

SWAT Breacher: Explosive, Mechanical entry dynamics.

Police Instructor: Firearms, Baton, Defensive Tactics, Officer Survival Tactics.

Licensed. Bonded. Accredited.

PI # 1689721       


DUNS# 080435278


NAICS CODES: 591930, 561611, 561612, 561613, 561990, 611699, 624230